Gaphi Empire

Gaphi flag


Constitutional monarchy (and puppet state)

500 years past, the Great War marked the end of Gaphian dominion and the start of the Demarian one. After 60 years of bloody warfare, Gaphi surrendered unconditionally to Demaria, it has remained a loyal vassal state ever since.

The Green Sea

Ever since that event, the Gaphians have turned their eyes towards the Great Sea for expansion, in the opposite direction of their Demarian overlords. Great ambition and sailing prowess allowed them to colonize almost every shore connected to their sea. Their grasp on the body of water is so tight that they now claim themselves masters of the Great Sea, even attempting to rename it the Green Sea. All of this is a thorn in the eye of the Nippa Dynasty, their only naval competition.

Some hope that this powerful hold over the Great Sea may one day break them free of Demarian supervision. Others claim that Gaphi has overextended itself, and the inability to properly administrate these new colonies will be the downfall of the seafaring nation.

Gaphi Empire

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