A young kingdom in an ancient land

The independent towns and villages of Arin found themselves forced to unite against Kelpoko raids. They now form a feudal, agriculture based kingdom, lead by King Aserath and High Bishop Daniel IV. Both hold equal sway over the pious population, their highly organized faith worshiping a human like deity, simply named “God”.

War of the lambs

Frequent and merciless pillaging and enslavement by Kelpokon priest-warriors turned into open war after Arin’s unification. Either faction’s numerous attempts at invasion failed catastrophically, often flooding the river Neca, which divides the two nations, with the blood of clashing armies. To this day, these bitter neighbours are still at war, but no more attempts have been made to attack the opposing nation. There have been rumors of entire invasion armies disappearing as they waded through the thick jungle on their borders. Both combatants seem to have concluded that their respective deities shield them from further harm.


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